Why a Man’s Penis Wakes Up Before He Does

One of the most interesting penis problems – assuming it can be called a problem at all – is the presence of morning wood. For some men, the morning flagpole is simply noted and ignored, because it doesn’t bother them at all. But for others, an erection first thing in the morning is very powerful, strong enough to rouse a man from his peaceful slumber and make it tough to get back to sleep. The good news is that regular morning erections are a sign that a man’s penis care efforts are paying off. But why does the member choose to stand at attention first thing in the morning, every single morning?

Why the penis wakes up so early

The fact is that the penis isn’t just up and raring to go in the wee morning hours; it happens all throughout the night. Most men experience at least three erections during sleep, sometimes more. This nocturnal tumescence is often the result of fluctuating hormones, which might explain why it happens much more often in younger men. As a man gets older and his testosterone naturally wanes a bit, so do the nighttime erections.

But there might be other reasons this happens so often. There was a time when it was believed that naughty dreams caused the issue, or that a man was constantly horny. It turns out neither of those are true. As every man knows, a guy can have morning wood without a single sexual thought in his head. And baby boys in the womb have been observed with erections at various times, which indicate that it can’t be naughty dreams causing the hardness. It has to be something purely physical.

Scientists have a few theories. The most common theory is that the body sends blood to the penile area on a regular basis to help ensure proper oxygenation, just as it sends blood everywhere else. Sometimes that surge of blood leads to an erection that might last for a few moments and then go away. Men are quite familiar with that fleeting feeling during the day, so it makes sense that it also happens at night, when sleep keeps a man unaware of what is happening.

That leads to the second big theory: Sleep cycles. The deepest sleep comes during the REM period of the cycle, and during that time humans have been known to do everything from sleepwalk to talk to their partners about nonsense things. That’s when the mind and body both ‘let go’ and anything becomes possible. During that time the penis might become hard simply due to sensitivity, or perhaps due to amorous thoughts. No one knows for sure.

Staying ready for morning wood action

What is known for sure is that morning erections are tied to hormonal spikes. Men who are on the younger side, have been taking testosterone supplements or are otherwise doing things to boost their hormones are likely to experience morning wood more often than others do. If a man is accustomed to morning erections and notices a sudden decline in the frequency or hardness, he might want to mention it to the doctor, as it could indicate an underlying problem.

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