When a Head Injury Causes Penis Problems

Head injuries are much on the minds of many men, especially those who engage in rough contact sports like football or boxing. Many professional athletes are discovering that head injuries can have lasting effects, many of which may not show up for some years.

But injuries to the head can occur even in men who aren’t pro athletes; for example, an automobile accident can result in traumatic brain injury. Head issues are serious simply in and of themselves – but is it possible they could potentially have an effect on penis health as well? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. A serious injury to the head could potentially result in penis problems.

It’s important to note that not all blows to the head mean a trauma to the penis. In many cases, penis health is impacted minimally, if at all. But since it can occur, it pays for men to know a little about the possibility.

Head injuries

There are numerous kinds of head injuries, but the one most often associated with penis problems is called traumatic brain injury. As the name implies, this occurs when the brain is involved in a traumatic situation, such as hitting the windshield in a car accident or falling and having the head hit a hard sidewalk. Traumatic brain injuries can range in severity, sometimes resulting in headaches or concussions, other times in far more serious problems.

Penis problems

Among the penis problems that may result from head injuries are:

Sex drive changes

According to one study, almost 50% of people who experience a traumatic brain injury report a decrease in their sex drive. For some, this is transient and corrects itself within a few weeks; for others, the dampening may be more long lasting. A much smaller percentage report an increase in their sex drive, in some cases to an extent that they may experience a form of compulsive libido.

Erectile dysfunction

Some forms of erectile functioning issues occur in 40-60% of men after a serious head injury. Again, this may be short term or long term.

Orgasmic dysfunction

Similarly, as many as 40% of men have reported difficulty reaching an orgasm during sex after injury. This includes both partner-based sex and masturbation.

Decrease in Sex

A lowered sex drive may lead to a decrease in actual sexual activity, but there may be other reasons, including pain or depression subsequent to the injury, which account for the slow down.

Inhibition dysfunction

One of the rarer side effects, in some cases damage may affect the ability to exercise proper control over sexual desires, resulting in episodes of exhibitionistic tendencies or activities. Again, this is one of the less common side effects.

Men who experience penis problems after a head injury are encouraged to bring this problem up with their loved ones and their doctors. They should not be ashamed of the problem, and the sooner they seek help, the more quickly the issue can be addressed. An appropriate course of counseling or medication can be developed to address the problems. Some issues, such as a desire to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior, may require extensive treatment.

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