Want Better Sex? Do More Chores

Most of the time, when men are pondering ways that they can have better sex, they focus on details like their skill, stamina, positioning, penis health or penis size. There’s no denying that these are all factors that can come into play; but a new study suggests that, for guys who are cohabitating with a partner, there’s another factor that’s important. What is it? Doing a fair share of the chores!

The study

It’s true: a recent study for the Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) found that how equitably the household chores are split between a couple impacts how much sex the couple has. Dr. Sharon Sassler of Cornell University authored the paper, which turns 1950s-era thinking on its head.

Earlier studies had suggested that the traditional model, in which a man is the breadwinner and a woman is responsible for the home, was the one which promised the greatest sexual satisfaction among couples. Even in more recent years, it was theorized that fulfilling these traditional role models was, consciously or subconsciously, a sexual turn-on for many domestic partners.

Dr. Sassler’s report indicates that this is no longer the case. As she writes, “the association between a non-traditional division of labor at home and couples’ sexual satisfaction and frequency has changed dramatically over the past two decades.” Assuming that frequency of encounters in some way equates to a better sex life, couples who share household duties are sexually more satisfied. The data indicate that those couples in which the man does between one-third and 64% of the chores have significantly more sex than couples where either party performs 65% or more of the work.

As a matter of fact, couples who are sharing the work are the only segment studied who have seen an increase in how often they have sex. The other segments studied have all seen a decline. In addition, general sexual frequency worldwide has been reported to decrease – making the increase in sex for the sharing couples segment to be that much more interesting.

More than the dishes

What is being looked at here is more than just couples washing and drying the dishes together. Rather, the sharing of duties reflects an outlook on and experience of their relationship which mirrors mutual respect and admiration, a feeling in each of the partners that the other is of similar worth. When a couple feels more in sync in this way, they are more likely to have better sex – and to have it more frequently, too.

This equality of responsibility goes beyond making the beds and running the vacuum cleaner. In today’s two-career households, taking equal responsibility for tending to and raising the children is also high on the list of factors which influence the frequency and quality of the sex involved.

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