Want Better Erections? Simple Tips for Super Self Confidence in the Sack

Who else would love to increase self confidence in the sack? Do you feel insecure about your size, or sexual appeal due to shortcomings outside of your control? The truth is, you are NOT alone. The vast majority of men feel at least some sort of sexual insecurity around erection size, and as our culture continues to get hyper sexualized with regard to the “ideal” male anatomy, more men than ever before are feeling the pressure.

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you 6 things they DON’T want you to know about male enhancement, and erection size. Who is “they”? Good question! The truth is, there is more than enough myth, misinformation and marketing misdirection on ALL sides of the sexual enhancement street. From the medical field, to the pharmaceutical companies to the natural health and supplement business interests, there are so many competing entities vying for our income and attention, it’s almost impossible to know what is FACT, vs fiction.

Curious to know what we’ve learned after writing hundreds of articles that have been enjoyed by millions of readers? Let’s take a closer look below!

1 – Fact: There are no magic lotions, potions and overnight improvements. As a matter of fact, there is ZERO evidence that any topically applied cream or ointment can affect your erection size at all. There ARE some creams that can deaden sexual sensations and lead to longer performance times, and aid in the maintenance of erection, but they SHOULD be a LAST resort for most men. (mostly because they diminish sexual enjoyment and are used for stamina purposes alone)

2 – The MOST evidence based male enhancement strategy? Phalloplasty, or surgical male enhancement is the only medically accepted way to lengthen and thicken your penis size and circumference. This does NOT mean that it’s the only approach that works. It does mean that it’s the only approach that is accepted to work, by mainstream medicine.

2 – Erection size is not necessarily the same thing as penile length. The truth is, your erection is affected by all sorts of lifestyle factors WAY outside of your god given anatomical gifts, or shortcomings. For example, blood flow, and more specifically, HEALTHY blood flow and vascularity are critical elements to erection size and strength. Two men with the exact same physical dimensions, can have dramatically different erection length, purely predicated on how they live their lives.

3 – The FASTEST way to optimize your erection size? As we covered quickly in #2, change your lifestyle habits. More exercise leads to a much more optimized cardiovascular system, which translates into better blood flow to and through your body. (including your sexual anatomy) Smoking constricts blood vessels, and will lead to softer erections. Diets high in certain types of fats, can reduce blood flow to the male anatomy by 20% or more. Conversely? Diets rich in OTHER types of healthy fats found in Avocado, nuts, salmon and oily fish can increase blood flow to the same region, by roughly the same amount.

4 – Alcohol consumption is another huge driver in erection size and maintenance. If you ARE going to drink before sex? Believe it or not, dry red wine can have an amplifying effect on your erection, while beer and harder alcohol (no pun intended!) can have the reverse effect.

5 – A very simple way to HACK great gains in your anatomy before sex? Try to stand in a POWER pose with a smile, if possible… before intercourse or intimacy. A power pose means you adopt a powerful stance, head up, hands on sides and with a smile on your face. While this may SOUND silly, it actually increases testosterone, a key driver in sexual health and power. Equally as importantly? It lowers cortisol, which is the stress hormone associated with “fight or flight” that can cause a reduction in your erection size, or difficulty performing at all.

6 – Lastly, the MOST important thing to do if you want to optimize your erection? Natural male enhancement exercises like the Jelq, PC elevations, Kegal lifts and other exercises are a great way to increase blood flow to and through the male anatomy.

They are also a great way to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic wall, which play a huge role in regulating the size and strength of your erection, AND your sexual stamina and staying power to boot! These are things that most people are not talking about in the male enhancement industry, simply because they are natural, easy to learn, totally safe and don’t cost a fortune to implement on your own!

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