Understanding The Sexual Mind of A Single Woman or Man

One of the major mistakes that most single men and women make when trying to understand other single men and women is underestimating just how important sex is to both genders. The tables have turned. For years men got away with thinking about sex. It was socially accepted for men to desire sex without any negative perceptions of them. For many years it was frowned upon for women to speak of sex or even let it be know that they wanted or desired sex openly. A woman that lusted for sex was considered a tramp or a woman with low standards of cleanliness. Single women were even afraid to admit to themselves that they had sexual desires because of feelings of guilt that society piled upon them.

What people don’t understand about the genders nowadays is that there aren’t anymore barriers between the two genders. Single men and women alike can speak openly and discuss their wants, needs, and sexual desires openly without anyone passing judgement on them.

The fact of the matter is that male and female sexual desires do exist, and they strongly exist in both male and female genders. Women now have the freedom just as men do to express their sexual desires. Not the freedom to have sex necessarily, but that it is OK for women to admit that they enjoy it, and want it, and have it with more than one partner if they wish to. The cat is out the bag. Women want the world to know that they enjoy sex just as much as men do and shouldn’t feel like it is a sin. Men and women should now realize that it is open game for both genders. Sex is something that both men and women can enjoy.

Now, since you know that women enjoy sex just as much as men do, you should also know that women are not just looking for someone special as previously thought. Single women today don’t just want sex, they want good sex. And as far as single women are concerned, whether or not the sex they have is good is the responsibility of the man. We, as men, are the first ones to point out that this is unfair, for you are only as good as your participating partner, but this is a reality that we all must live with. Such is life!

The next time you try to figure out a single man or woman’s actions you may want to come to this reality that I am about to share with you. Time and time again, men have asked me why did he or she go for a certain person? He or she doesn’t have nearly as much going for them as I do. “The answer is simple: He or she was more sexually attracted to them than you. And that is it in a nutshell. It is quite clear that both men and women choose their partners by sexual attraction. If a man or woman is interested in you it is your sex appeal that got your foot in the door and performing good sexually will keep you there.

For those of you that don’t know, sex is a very powerful facet to relationships. This is not to say that sex is the only important thing regarding relationships, but what I am saying is that it plays a larger role than people would like to admit. Single women, just like men, will want to meet someone or start a relationship with someone if they find that person sexually attractive. And as the relationship continues, good sex is often what holds the relationship together.

If an objective survey was taken today, I wouldn’t be surprised at all of the results that would come to light. Researchers have concluded that many break-ups today stem from sexual dissatisfaction or sexual boredom, and that sexual partners leave a relationship because they are looking for something more stimulating. More single women are leaving relationships because of this more and more today than ever before. And what does all of this mean? It means that if you want to be successful with a single man or woman, you’d better know how to keep them sexually satisfied.

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