Tips for Improving Penis Sensitivity

Most men are well aware that penis sensation matters a great deal. It’s what makes anything sexual feel so wonderful – from the feather-light touches of a partner to the more heavy-handed use of their own hand for masturbation, all the sensation a man feels relies on the nerve endings in the penis. Those nerve endings provide penis sensation that can give a man the heights of pleasure. But many men don’t know just how much of an impact proper penis care can have on penis sensitivity. Here’s what every man needs to know about improving his penis sensation through a daily regimen.

Tips for improving penis sensitivity

So without further ado, here’s what every man should be doing, every single day, to help keep his sensitivity at its peak.

1) Keep it clean. Though daily hygiene seems like a no-brainer, many men don’t realize just how important it really is to get a daily shower and carefully clean the penis while under the water. Cleaning the penis well ensures that dead skin cells are washed away, which leaves glowing, fresh skin ready for action. Besides that, the water washes away nasty bacteria that could easily take hold and create rashes, lesions and more. Those skin problems can toughen up the delicate penis skin, thus leading to a decrease in penis sensitivity.

2) Moisturize like crazy. The more moisture trapped in the skin, the more likely the nerve endings will be healthy and happy. But not just any moisture works; a man should reach for moisturizers that contain only all-natural ingredients, that are proven to keep the skin smooth and supple and that have passed dermatological approval. When using the moisturizer, it’s always best to apply it immediately after a shower. This is when the skin is properly exfoliated, so the new skin will be more receptive to the softness imparted by the moisturizer, and it will “trap” the moisture from the shower inside, better hydrating the skin for hours.

3) Switch it up. Over time, many guys develop their favorite position during sex or their favorite grip during masturbation. And while this might be fine at first, over time the body comes to expect this certain touch or action. The nerve endings that are subject to that particular grip, for instance, might begin to lose some of their sensitivity, leading to areas of the penis that don’t respond as well as they used to. To prevent this from happening, a guy should never get stuck in a rut. Switching up his positions and grip can not only keep things fresh, but protect his penis sensation as well.

4) Protect it inside and out. A guy already knows that it’s important to protect his penis skin, such as with a plethora of vitamins and nutrients in a good penis health crème. But a guy might not realize that he also needs to be careful about what he puts into his body. The saying “You are what you eat” holds true for anyone, and that means that when a guy puts more desirable things into his body, he will see more desirable results on his skin. Eating a healthy diet, including lots of veggies and fruits, will show up in rosy, glowing skin and better sensitivity not just on his penis, but everywhere else as well.

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