Solutions for Raw and Red Penis Skin

In many cases, a man who suffers from raw, red penis skin knows exactly how it happened – and most of the time, all that irritation is from a roll in the hay without proper lubrication, brushing up against something that his skin didn’t agree with (such as harsh detergents on bedding) or even overzealous masturbation. The good news is that with the proper penis care, a man can get back in the saddle faster than he expected.

Treating raw, red penis skin

The first thing a man needs to do is ascertain how his penis skin got so irritated in the first place. The second thing he needs to do is make certain the irritation is minor and not something that warrants a visit to the doctor. For instance, red penis skin can usually be treated at home. But skin that has sores or lesions, exceptional redness or pain needs the attention of a physician as soon as possible.

Finally, a guy needs to make sure he stops whatever activity caused the problem, at least for a while. If it was excessive masturbation, it’s time to stop the self-pleasuring long enough to give the penis time to heal. If it was getting hot and heavy with a partner without using lube, a guy needs to head to the store and get some to have on hand for next time!

And when it comes to easing the red penis skin, he can try these tips:

1. Get rid of whatever caused the problem. It’s amazing just how seriously sensitive penis skin can react to something that wouldn’t seem to bother any other part of the body. For instance, soap on other parts of the body might feel just fine, but that same bar will dry out penis skin so badly that it begins to hurt. Anything that might be a culprit in the issue of raw, red penis skin should be eliminated.

2. Thoroughly clean the area. In order to ensure the best treatment, the penis and surrounding area must be very clean. Hop in the shower with a specially-formulated cleanser that is safe to use on penis skin. Inspect the area during washing to ensure that there is no further injury or any reason for worry. Then dry the area thoroughly by patting with a soft towel – never rub, even if the penis is itchy!

3. Use cool compresses. Sometimes a red penis is quite hot to the touch, and that can be quite uncomfortable. Ease this with the use of cool compresses. A simple washcloth dipped in cool water and applied for 15-minute intervals can do the trick. Never use a cold pack or place an ice pack directly against the skin, as this can lead to much more serious problems than a red penis!

4. Go bare if possible. The skin needs room to breathe in order to heal properly. If at home and with ample privacy, try going completely bare to allow the area time to air out and heal. If clothing must be worn, make it something loose fitting and comfortable. For instance, this is when a man wants to break out the roomy boxers instead of strapping himself into tight jockey shorts.

5. Keep close watch. A man’s penis skin is quite delicate, and what looks like a simple case of red penis skin can easily get worse. But inspecting the penis regularly throughout the day to gauge how the healing is going can help ensure there are no sores or extreme irritation developing. A raw, red penis should resolve in a matter of days.

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