Penis Health Might Be Impacted By Soda

Considering the high level of importance that men place on their members, it’s surprising that there isn’t more legitimate scientific research into factors that could impact penis health. For example, some men have been told that drinking too much soda can have a negative impact on their overall health, including their sex lives. For those who down a more than few soft drinks on a hot summer day, that news might give them pause. But what is the basis for this theory?


When talking about health and medicine, doctors tend to rely on the results from well-designed, preferably randomized trials (also called studies). In the best of all possible worlds, a study will include some important features, such as:

– A large number of test subjects who are basically representative of either the population at large or the population being studied;

– A research design that effectively isolates and measures the hypothesis being tested; and

– Inclusion of at least two “arms,” one that is being exposed to a drug or treatment or topic being tested and one that is a “control” group that is NOT subjected to the drug, treatment or topic.

When these conditions are met, it’s easier for a doctor to have greater reliance on the results of the test. And ideally, doctors will have many different tests on the same issue from which to draw their information.


If there’s a serious problem at play, such as cancer, there tends to be a lot of studies on an issue. But there are hundreds of concerns that would benefit from studies, but that are not critical enough to a sufficient number of people to be the object of much research – and the effect of soda on penis health is one of these.

There have, however, been a handful of such studies, including a Danish study that looked at sperm counts and soda consumption, and a Polish one that looked at erectile dysfunction and soda consumption.

In the Danish study, which looked at more than 2500 men, participants who were heavy soda drinkers had (on average) a sperm count that was 3 million per milliliter; those who were not heavy soda drinkers averaged 56 million.

The Polish study found that there might be a link between drinking a lot of soda and proper erectile function. The theory resulting from this study is that sweeteners may damage arteries and prevent the proper flow of blood during the erectile phase.


Neither study is by any means conclusive. While each study found links between soda consumption and penis health, they were not able to positively say that soda is the actual cause of the problems indicated. For example, many people who drink a lot of soda may have other factors (insufficient exercise, obesity, etc.) that may also have an impact on their penile health.

That said, men who do drink a lot of soda on a daily basis may want to consider cutting back, especially if they are also overweight. Lessening the consumption of sugar and caffeine, both of which are found in sodas, can help one to lose weight, increase one’s energy and vigor and make one feel more inclined to be physically active – all of which help both one’s general health and one’s sexual well-being.

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