Penis Health and Alcohol: Interesting Facts

With today’s greater openness about all things sexual comes a greater emphasis on penis health. This is all to the good, as the more attention a man pays to this, the better off he will be. One area of concern for those seeking to maintain a healthy penis is how what a person puts in the body affects the penis. For instance, many men enjoy an alcoholic beverage on occasion. But does imbibing alcohol carry any penis health risks?

To address that question, the following facts are offered:

– A lot depends on the man. And the alcohol. Every person is affected in a different way by alcohol, depending on a large number of factors – their height, weight, general fitness, age, experience with alcohol, stamina/endurance, whether they are rested/fatigued, mood, psychological balance, time of day, etc. And the kind of alcohol – beer vs. whiskey, for example – also plays a role in determining effect. So, in some cases, one man may find that a glass of wine relaxes him and helps him perform better in bed. A different man may find that the same glass of wine has the opposite effect.

– But too much alcohol is always bad. Too much alcohol, or consuming alcohol over too long a period, is not conducive to a healthy penis. Consuming too much can dampen sensitivity in the penis, which can mean that when a guy ejaculates, his orgasm is not as pleasurable as it usually is. It can also affect the libido, sometimes making a man less interested in sex. And it can often impede erections, so that even if a man is totally interested, his penis may not respond in an appropriate manner.

– Alcohol can lessen testosterone. Too much alcohol can, due to a lengthy process, decrease a guy’s testosterone levels. This helps explain why his libido may be impacted. But lower testosterone also can lead to lower sperm production. And – crucially for a lot of guys – low testosterone can in some instances be linked with a bit of penis shrinkage.

– Stop drinking before babymaking. According to a 2017 article in the Journal of Men’s Health, men who drink alcohol should cut it out three months before they decide to start making a baby with a partner. The study looked at the semen quality of occasional alcohol drinkers. It found that there was no difference in fertility between those who drank and those who didn’t – but that there was a higher percentage of damaged DNA in the sperm of those who drank. Abstaining for three months can help clear the system.

– Shakespeare advised against it. The effect of alcohol on a healthy penis was well known even in Elizabethan times. In Macbeth, William Shakespeare says of drinking that it “provokes the desire, but takes away the performance” – in other words, makes a guy feel like demonstrating his prowess but then puts his prowess to sleep.

– It’s not always the booze. Of course, sometimes a guy has penis function issues that are unrelated to alcohol. It’s important to figure out whether alcohol is a factor or not so that a person can know what steps to take to fix the issue.

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