Myths About Penis Health

Maintaining the best penis health is very important for any man. But sometimes he can fall victim to a variety of penis health myths that could mean he is actually doing more harm than good for his favorite equipment. When it comes to good penis care, it is vitally important to separate fact from fiction and go only with those things that are certainly true.

To help a man do that, we’ve compiled a short list of penis health myths that could eventually lead to less-than-stellar penis health. Here’s the truth about a man’s penis.

1. Myth: Soap is a must for cleanliness. In most cases, this would be absolutely true. But when it comes to delicate penis skin, soap can do more harm than good. Soap can often dry out the skin – even those moisturizing bars that claim to have added lotion can lead to peeling, dry penis skin. So what’s a man to do? Very mild cleansers designed only for the penis are a good bet. Yes, it’s pricier than an average bar of soap, but the benefits are well worth it.

2. Myth: Too much masturbation is bad. Though many men have heard that paying too much attention to things ‘down there’ could lead to serious problems, science has proven those things are not true. A man will not grow hair on his hands, he will not go blind, and he will not go crazy if he pays a lot of attention to self-pleasuring. In fact, a man’s health can actually improve as he reaps the benefits of stress release from masturbation.

3. Myth: A foreskin is unhealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though there has long been concern that a man might be prone to more infections and penis problems if he has an intact foreskin, science and anecdotal evidence has shown that a man who cleans under the foreskin with every shower won’t have any more issues than a man who is circumcised.

4. Myth: Talking about penis health is wrong. Many men know very little about penis health, or they believe a variety of myths that are tossed about concerning their member. That’s because they were taught not to talk about their penis. In some cases, that lesson was learned so well that a man might hesitate to talk about penis health with his physician! It’s important to know that talking about penis health is vitally important.

5. Myth: Some penis potions work. Far too many men fall victim to supplements and other enhancers that say they will make the penis bigger, longer, help a man last longer in bed, and many other false promises. The truth is that none of those things actually work. Men are constantly disappointed by these products, but they keep purchasing them. Rather than focus on changing his penis, a man should focus on keeping his manhood healthy.

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