Million Dollar Question – How To Make A Woman Orgasm?

Men are egoistic in nature; and no one can deny that this trait will also get exposed during intercourse. The more you can make her reach her climax multiple times, the bigger of a man you’ll become. However, this is not always the case as there are some men who are naïve when it comes to making their women reach the zenith. Men who fall in this category don’t have to fret though as help is at hand.

Words are very powerful; and the same thing can be said when it comes to sex. If you want her to be ready for the climax, say it before you do it. Talk dirty to her, send her text messages or WhatsApp or SnapChat of what you want to do with her and the positions that you want and will make her orgasm. By doing so, she’ll get excited and will burn with passion and anticipation even before it actually happens.

Kissing, fondling, rubbing and other body contacts is a great help to guide her to her peak. Tell her that she’s beautiful and make eye contact when you say that you can’t get enough of her. How to make a woman orgasm is an art that every man should learn, not just because of the sexual pleasure it provides but because it keeps the relationship healthy.

Consequently, there are several sexual positions that will help in making a woman orgasm. These include missionary, side missionary, doggy, cowgirl and lotus. These positions will help stimulate her G Spot thus helping her orgasm more. Some women are able to orgasm so passionately that they may even squirt! If you can do that to your lady, she’ll never stray far from you.

The fact is that any man, anywhere can learn to be a sex-god to his woman and give her mind-bending multiple orgasms. This will keep her coming (see what I did there?) back for more! Doesn’t matter if you’re not Brad Pitt or loaded with money. You just need to learn the simple but effective tips that will help average guys make his woman beg for more.

Get up with exposing a woman’s wild side; prepare her to reach her climax with dirty talk and fondling; discover the sexual positions that help her reach her peak faster and with more force; and become irresistible to her as a lover. It’s the duty of every man to understand how to make a woman orgasm and become a good performer in bed.

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