Erectile Dysfunction In Males – The Problem And The Solutions

More than 100 million men in the world suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). The highest percentage of affected males is in the age group of 60+ with about 60%; in the age group of 40-70 the ED affects about 52%; and in the age bracket of 20-39 the percentage is about 10-15%, but there is a trend that this younger group is suffering more of this symptom.

What Is The Real Problem?

It is usually regarded by many and seen more as a problem of aging than anything else. However, this is not so. Even though the many men are now advocating stronger health consciousness. This group generally stays away from unhealthy foods and live an active lifestyle like outdoor sports. It is not uncommon to find this younger group of males affected by ED.

This is because the global consumerist lifestyle is catching up with the younger generation. Also, young men are not so keen to discuss matters that affect their erection with their doctor. In most cases, ED is just swept under the carpet with the hope that it will solve itself. Well, it surely does not; rather without proper and timely treatment, it may even go from bad to worse.

What Is The Solution Today?

The solution is as simple as it is obvious. Awareness needs to be built in among the young masses so ED would be reported in the first stages when it is easiest to reverse. It is important that both doctors and ‘patients’ understand that erectile dysfunction in males is not something to be ashamed of. It is a health condition, which is in 9 out of 10 cases completely reversible – provided the man received medical attention at the earliest signs of problem.

Awareness should be propagated at all levels – for even most doctors are not very comfortable with the subject of erectile dysfunction. The sexual prowess is so closely intertwined with the macho image of a man everywhere that in most cases, men prefer to try out alternative medication or order incognito over the Net for medication such as the FDA approved three potent ED drugs – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

With these three FDA approved ED-treatment drugs you can tackle a vast majority of erectile dysfunction hiccups. These three drugs are quite popular for erectile dysfunction in males. So are a host of herbal/ home remedies that can reverse this condition almost overnight.

You are not alone when it comes to erectile dysfunction. I have known of people who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction in the past, but they were all able to overcome this symptom and have regained their power. If you are contemplating to visit a doctor to overcome your condition, visit this page about ED, read and understand about it first. It explains everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction, its causes and cures. It might save you some money in the process!

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