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Every one deserves better sex and nobody shuns the idea of enjoying sex with a loved one. Well, this is easier said than done because not many know how to go about it and therefore end up getting unsatisfying experiences. This not only affects the relationships but can even lead to break-ups or cheating between the partners.

Sex is like a sport and only those who follow rules, use hidden secrets and vigorously are committed to improve their performances succeed. Curiosity and change of tactics in bed has everything to do with overcoming your failure or forever get stuck in it. Its a bad state to be in especially when no satisfaction is guaranteed on every intercourse you have.

The following secrets could make you enjoy every bit of it and enhance your performance in bed. It takes time but a master waits till the results are evident. My hot sex tips will surely help you.

Enjoyable sex is not like driving a goods train on a track, it must be sensual and slow process where one step usually leads to the other. Take your time to feel the partner, do foreplay, kiss and then intercourse when time is ripe. Rush will kill the opportunity to experience a better sex after all why all the hurry?

Align yourself with the partners reactions to stimulation, breathing rhythms, body languages are signs that can be used to gauge the level of sensation between partners. Unfocused and unsynchronized connection cant lead to a better and enjoyable sex.

Better sex is sensual and enjoyable, Keep your mind to the task at hand and you will experience powerful connections, and Straying minds keep away pleasures of orgasm one of the most celebrated elements of a fulfilling sexual escapade.

What do you like or what does the other partner like? an increased knowledge of each others body, what turns then on reactions to touch etc will be a great step towards achieving a better and enjoyable love making.

Sex should not be a shameful business to conduct. However the status of a relationship greatly affects its pleasures. It should be a complement to a working union. Being comfortable with each other maximizes the ability to enjoy each other not only during intercourse but also when together working on other diverse activities.

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